Mail von John Pass vom 24. Mai 2015

I meant to send you an Email earlier.

The Army is now Helping The Police with Mitchells Plain and Mannenberg Cleaning Up our Areas ,

We've had Many Killings and Gang Executions in our Area , even some of our local guys who I introduced you to are dead.

Even with the Army`s Help the Hate for Each other won't Stop because there's too much Revenge at hand.

They tried to Rape a Girl in The Park Behind My House last Week , They Burgled My neighbours House in the week.

Westride my Area is now Called the Wild West ........

Light The Way has not been Violated thus Far (THANK YOU LORD).
But The Lost City Community Centre has Been Totaly Vandalised , even the Roof is Stripped Down including all Electrical and Plumbing Fittings. The Building is Bare.
Some Schools in Mitchells Plain has suffered similar cases of Vandalism as well including loads of Burglaries.
Sorry for all this Bad news but its just some of Our Ghetto Realities.

(I honestly sometimes Pray I can Win the Lotto to change the Situation a bit , but I don't think God answers Gambling Prayers.)

Otherwise Everone including my Mom is OK and Healthy ,
Adam is Growing Up Fast and Speaking New Words everyday , He's The Joy that God Sent Us to Brighten Up our Days.