How children in LC live


John Pass in a letter, written on 12.August.2014:

The Question concerning the children in Lost city is easy to answer. They always laugh and play, unconcerned by the violence, they sometimes see. The biggest problem for them is to refuse the drugs. Daily they are brought into the drug gangs activities. The children enjoy their time in the Light The Way Center. It is a safe place for them; where they can be children. They can play, do sports and homework, drumming and so on.

The life circumstances outside of the LTW, in the camps, are defined by hardship and poverty. We are committed to easing the catastrophes; for example after the last and the present flood. Diseases are breaking out… Today we distributed two wagonloads full of clothes and food and delivered one wheelchair for a handicapped resident…

At the moment are we collecting blankets, plastic and building materials. Last week we brought a kindergarden building materials, clothes, writing material and books…”