Social work in Townships of Cape town


Light the Way” is a house offering help, protection and encounters in “Lost City”, one of the Townships of Cape town. Here people do social work under the hardest conditions.

A lot of violence and criminality, poverty, drugs, Aids, lack of prospects shape peoples everyday life.


John Pass is the projects initiator and driver. He was born in Deep River, Cape town and knows the life as one of the “Streetpeople” out of first hand.


What is it about?

  • forming contacts, winning trust

  • providing people with everyday needs and medical attention

  • stepping in against omnipresent violence (mostly brought to life by drugs)

  • providing protection and alternatives for children and youths

  • advising parents and offering practical help


Before noon John Pass works in the streets, where he has direct contact to help-seeking people.

Public authorities, hospitals, police stations, jails, courts, health offices know and value John Pass and his work.


In the afternoon opens the children and youths centre.

Games, sport, help with homework and music courses are offered.


The association “Freundeskreis Light the Way, Kapstadt, Südafrika” e. V. assists the projects current work and the further development through donations.